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Want more freedom in your business?

Of course you do!

Partner with Task Maven to gain valuable time back to successfully grow and manage your business or nonprofit.

Whether you need a project manager or a business consultant, Task Maven's got you virtually covered.

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Your secret weapon to getting things done

We've got you
(and your business)

Task Maven strives to be an asset to organizations by delivering impeccable work, creative solutions, and cheerful support.

Task Maven was created to serve as an extended arm of your own team. Task Maven keeps projects moving and on time. It's a professional, energetic, and reliable solution to getting things done.

Most importantly, Task Maven is the perfectly-sized outsourced administrative support for your business needs.

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What Clients Say

"The addition of Task Maven brought a level of expertise, organization, and leadership to our nonprofit."

Jacqueline Bisquera, Director,

The Legacy Center

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Ready to ditch the overwhelm? 

Task Maven provides virtual solutions to support women running organizations, raising families and ultimately making this world a better place.

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