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Consider it handled

Fully trained up from 15+ years of business experience, Task Maven meets you where you are and handles the rest.


  • Client care & onboarding

  • Create operating procedures (SOP) & training materials

  • Database building / CRM


  • Calendar management 

  • Data entry

  • Presentation & spreadsheet creation

  • Online research

  • Client, employee or personal gift research


  • Virtual & in-person webinars, workshops, speaker series & fundraisers

  • Speaker & sponsor outreach 

  • Develop agendas & run of show

  • Manage event coordination & logistics

Social Media

  • Create and manage Facebook pages or groups 

  • Create and manage LinkedIn profile(s) 

  • Create and manage Instagram account(s) 


  • Content calendar management

  • Email newsletters: creation & management

  • Design basics: logo, banners, icons & headers 

  • Landing page creation

  • Website maintenance

Businesswoman working from Home

Problems? Solved.

Task Maven provides virtual solutions to support women running organizations, raising families and ultimately making this world a better place.

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