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What We Do

Overdelivering since 2018

Task Maven was started in 2018 to support women-led teams and businesses like yours in tackling the overflow of tasks that so often bog you down and keep you from your game-changing work.

At the simplest, Task Maven tackles the projects you (and your team) don’t have the bandwidth for so you can focus on what matters most.

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Hi, I'm Toi Everhart

I’m a mama, leader and major team-player. I have the experience and knowledge to seamlessly integrate into your business and give you the support you're craving. 


You can find me living and working from my home in Santa Clarita, CA with my husband Greg, a teacher, our curious five-year old son Easton, and our strong-willed two-year old daughter Nola.

April Saliba

Administrative Maven

April is a closet creative with a passion for systems and processes. A former athletic director and educator, she is a true
Jill-of-all-trades and team player. Her service-minded personality has given her the ability to propel businesses in a forward and positive motion.

April brings 14+ years of a wide range of experience but primarily focuses on marketing and administration. Her shiny and positive spirit always lights up the team.


She and her husband, Jimmy, live in Indiana where they are raising their three teenage daughters. You will often find her crisscrossing the state supporting her girls in their athletics with coffee & snacks in hand.

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Justine Taormino

Digital Marketing Maven

Justine Taormino is a writer, mama, coach, and digital marketer. After spending 10 years in Alumni Affairs, managing events, marketing, and community initiatives, she took the chance to be a stay-at-home mom.


Back at work with Task Maven, Justine is responsible for managing all social media and marketing for clients and the TM brand.


With her abilities to listen objectively, problem solve quickly, and always bring the focus back to the human element of any project, Justine fosters community wherever she goes. Creative and strategically minded, she is able to translate business goals into marketing solutions.


You can find her adventuring outside, reading, or sipping hot beverages. She lives in Ojai, CA with her husband, daughter, and rescue dog.

Task Maven is for...

Where my ladies at?

Change-making executives and female business owners


Mothers who don’t just want a business, they want a legacy

Boss babes who know what they want and go for it

All in all, women supporting women in service of making this world a better place for the next generation.

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Black woman software programmer

Take a breath, we've got you. 

Task Maven provides virtual solutions to support women running organizations, raising families and ultimately making this world a better place.

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